Book Review: F Company, 347th Infantry Regiment 1942-45

Book Review: F Company, 347th Infantry Regiment 1942-45

If you really want to know what World War II was like for those who did most of the fighting and dying, don’t bother with the famous “The Greatest Generation.”

Read this book.

Of the scores of books I’ve read about World War II since being discharged from the infantry in 1945, two stand out.

Mail From Home Was the Infantryman’s Oxygen

Whether he scanned the mail and pocketed it in his foxhole with artillery screaming around or snow raining down, or in a barn with bullets whizzing past, and whatever information it contained, mail from home was the oxygen of an infantryman’s life. Even when they were...

Mitch Kaidy’s Combat Log

All of us who trained in the Infantry in World War II — every mother’s son of us — can attest to the discipline that was drilled into us. Today I look back and wonder whether it could have been otherwise. But then? Well, then, you couldn’t have...