WWII Memoirs: Part 3 – The Siegfried Line

On January 15, the 345th Regiment again climbed on trucks and in freezing cold headed for the Duchy of Luxembourg along with the rest of the 87th Division to relieve the 4th Division, which had been on the southern shoulder of the Bulge. K Company occupied Berdorf near the west bank of the Sauer River.

Mitch Kaidy’s Combat Log

All of us who trained in the Infantry in World War II — every mother’s son of us — can attest to the discipline that was drilled into us. Today I look back and wonder whether it could have been otherwise. But then? Well, then, you couldn’t have...
“Oh Danny Boy”, Italian Style

“Oh Danny Boy”, Italian Style

This is not the usual war story that one is most likely to read in this column of “As I Remember It”. More often than not those stories relate to the soldier’s participation in the harsh realities of battle, telling of his experiences entwined with...

Mac and the General

St. Vith was leveled to the ground. What was left of Company M was crammed into a dingy. damp cellar. The combined odors of dried meat, soggy potatoes, dirty bodies, gun oil and improvised oil lamps created a depressing, nauseating effect.