GAN Archive – Index of Issues

You may view and download individual issues using the links below, which are grouped by timeframe.  Each file is searchable with the PDF viewer.  Alternatively, you may download the entire archive (~1.4 Gb) in either of the following forms:


1942 - 1945

DateNumberEditor / Notes
1942-12-2222-Dec-42Activation Day Program / Camp McCain MS
1943-4-1Vol 1 No 187th Division Acorn
1943-9-187th Division Acorn
1943-11-1Life at Camp McCain
1944-6-1Vol 2 No 187 Infantry Division Acorn
1944-6-1515-Jun-44Infantry Day Ft. Jackson SC
1945-1-6No 3The Acorn News BG Frank Culin Issue
1945-1-7No 4The Acorn News BG Frank Culin Issue
1945-5-88-May-45Golden Acorn News LTG George Patton Message
1945-7-1111-Jul-45Golden Acorn News MG Culin Personal Message

1947 - 1959

DateNumberEditor / Notes
1947-3-25Sutton Letter to MembersRichard L. Sutton Initial Chairman
1952-8-1Vol 1 No 1The Acorn News
1953-9-1Churchill Reunion LetterWilliam M. Churchill President
1956-9-28Spring-Summer 1956
1956-11-30Culin Letter to MembersMG Frank L. Culin Jr. Commanding
1957-9-1Vol 2 No 2Richard Cashman
1958-3-1Vol 4 No 1
1958-8-1Vol 4 No 2
1958-9-1Vol 4 No 2
1959-2-1Vol 5 No 1Jack Dalton
1959-5-1Vol 5 No 2Jack Dalton

1970 - 1979

DateNumberEditor / Notes
1970-1-1Vol 14 No 1Jack M. Dalton
1970-4-1Vol 15 No 2Jack M. Dalton
1970-7-1Vol 14 No 3Jack M. Dalton
1970-11-1Vol 14 No 4Jack M. Dalton
1971-2-1Vol 15 No 1Jack M. Dalton
1971-5-1Vol 15 No 2Jack M. Dalton
1971-8-1Vol 15 No 3Jack M. Dalton
1971-11-1Vol 15 No 4Jack M. Dalton
1972-2-1Vol 16 No 1Jack M. Dalton
1972-5-1Vol 16 No 2Jack M. Dalton
1972-8-1Vol 16 No 3Jack M. Dalton
1972-11-1Vol 16 No 4Jack M. Dalton
1973-2-1Vol 17 No 1Jack M. Dalton
1973-5-1Vol 17 No 2Jack M. Dalton
1973-8-1Vol 17 No 3Jack M. Dalton
1973-12-1Vol 17 No 4Jack M. Dalton
1974-2-1Vol 18 No 1Jack M. Dalton
1974-5-1Vol 18 No 2Jack M. Dalton
1974-8-1Vol 18 No 3Jack M. Dalton
1974-12-1Vol 18 No 4Jack M. Dalton
1975-3-1Vol 19 No 1Jack M. Dalton
1975-6-1Vol 19 No 2Jack M. Dalton
1975-8-1Vol 19 No 3Jack M. Dalton
1975-12-1Vol 19 No 4Jack M. Dalton
1976-3-1Vol 20 No 1Jack M. Dalton
1976-5-1Vol 20 No 2Jack M. Dalton
1976-8-1Vol 20 No 3Jack M. Dalton
1976-12-1Vol 20 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1977-3-1Vol 21 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1977-5-1Vol 21 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1977-8-1Vol 21 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1977-12-1Vol 21 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1978-3-1Vol 22 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1978-6-1Vol 22 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1978-8-1Vol 22 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1978-12-1Vol 22 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1979-3-1Vol 21 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1979-6-1Vol 21 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1979-8-1Vol 21 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1979-12-1Vol 21 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo

1980 - 1989

DateNumberEditor / Notes
1980-3-1Vol 22 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1980-6-1Vol 22 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1980-8-1Vol 22 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1980-12-1Vol 22 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1981-4-1Vol 23 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1981-7-1Vol 23 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1981-9-1Vol 23 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1981-12-1Vol 23 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1982-4-1Vol 24 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1982-6-1Vol 24 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1982-8-1Vol 24 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1982-12-1Vol 24 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1983-3-1Vol 25 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1983-6-1Vol 26 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1983-8-1Vol 26 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1983-12-1Vol 25 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1984-3-1Vol 26 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1984-6-1Vol 26 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1984-8-1Vol 26 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1984-12-1Vol 26 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1985-4-1Vol 27 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1985-6-1Vol 27 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1985-8-1Vol 27 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1985-12-1Vol 27 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1986-3-1Vol 28 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1986-6-1Vol 28 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1986-8-1Vol 28 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1986-12-1Vol 28 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1987-3-1Vol 29 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1987-6-1Vol 29 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1987-8-1Vol 29 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1987-12-1Vol 29 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1988-3-1Vol 30 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo (1st GAN wlcomputer)
1988-6-1Vol 30 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1988-9-1Vol 30 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1988-12-1Vol 30 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1989-3-1Vol 31 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1989-6-1Vol 31 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1989-9-1Vol 31 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1989-12-1Vol 31 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo

1990 - 1999

DateNumberEditor / Notes
1990-3-1Vol 32 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1990-6-1Vol 32 No 2 & 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1990-12-1Vol 32 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1991-3-1Vol 33 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1991-6-1Vol 33 No 2 & 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1991-12-1Vol 33 No 4 & Vol 34 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1992-4-1Vol 34 No 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1992-9-1Vol 34 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1992-12-1Vol 34 No 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1993-7-1Vol 35 No 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1994-1-1Vol 36 No 1 & 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1994-8-1Vol 36 No 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1995-2-1Vol 37 Issue 1Association Officers for Pascuzzo
1995-5-1Vol 37 Issue 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1995-8-1Vol 37 Issue 3Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1995-12-1Vol 37 Issue 4Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1996-3-1Vol 38 Issue 1Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1996-7-1Vol 38 Issue 2Gladwin A. Pascuzzo
1996-10-1Vol 38 Issue 3James Amor
1996-12-1Vol 38 Issue 4James Amor
1997-3-1Vol 39 Issue 1James Amor
1997-6-1Vol 39 Issue 2James Amor
1997-9-1Vol 39 Issue 3James Amor
1997-12-1Vol 39 Issue 4James Amor
1998-3-1Vol 40 Issue 1James Amor
1998-6-1Vol 40 Issue 2James Amor
1998-9-1Vol 40 Issue 3James Amor
1998-12-1Vol 40 Issue 4James Amor
1999-3-1Vol 41 Issue 1James Amor
1999-6-1Vol 41 Issue 2James Amor
1999-9-1Vol 41 Issue 3James Amor
1999-12-1Vol 41 Issue 4James Amor

2000 - 2008

DateNumberEditor / Notes
2000-3-1Vol 42 Issue 1James Amor
2000-6-1Vol 42 Issue 2James Amor
2000-9-1Vol 42 Issue 3James Amor
2000-12-1Vol 42 Issue 4James Amor
2001-3-1Vol 43 Issue 1James Amor
2001-6-1Vol 43 Issue 2James Amor
2001-9-1Vol 43 Issue 3James Amor
2001-12-1Vol 43 Issue 4James Amor
2002-3-1Vol 44 Issue 1Harold Tendam for Amor
2002-6-1Vol 44 Issue 2Harold Tendam for Amor
2002-9-1Vol 44 Issue 3Harold Tendam for Amor
2002-12-1Vol 44 Issue 4Harold Tendam for Amor
2003-3-1Vol 45 Issue 1Harold Tendam for Amor
2003-6-1Vol 45 Issue 2Harold Tendam for Amor
2003-9-1Vol 45 Issue 3Harold Tendam for Amor
2003-12-1Vol 45 Issue 4Harold Tendam
2004-3-1Vol 46 Issue 1Harold Tendam
2004-6-1Vol 46 Issue 2Harold Tendam
2004-9-1Vol 46 Issue 3Harold Tendam
2005-3-1Vol 47 Issue 1Harold Tendam
2005-6-1Vol 47 Issue 2Harold Tendam
2005-9-1Vol 47 Issue 3Harold Tendam
2005-12-1Vol 47 Issue 4Harold Tendam
2006-3-1Vol 48 Issue 1Harold Tendam
2006-6-1Vol 48 Issue 2Harold Tendam
2006-10-1Vol 48 Issue 3Harold Tendam
2007-1-1Vol 49 Issue 1Harold Tendam
2007-4-1Vol 49 Issue 2Harold Tendam
2007-9-1Vol 49 Issue 3Harold Tendam
2008-4-1Vol 50 Issue 1Harold Tendam
2008-8-1Vol 50 Issue 2Harold Tendam