Golden Acorn News Archive

Use Policy

This area contains a collection of the “Golden Acorn News” as well as other significant documents related to the 87th Infantry Division during its 1942 re-activation at Camp McCain, Mississippi and preparation for combat in World War II; and, the years following the War when the members participated in the 87th Infantry Division Association. It has been collected by the 87th Infantry Division Legacy Association. We ask that you observe the following policy adopted by the 87th Infantry Division Legacy Association Board of Directors:

  1. The 87th Infantry Division Legacy Association (87th IDLA) is the lawful successor in interest to the 87th Infantry Division Association (87th IDA).
  2. As successor in interest, all copyrights formerly held by the 87th IDA are now controlled by the 87th IDLA.
  3. It shall be the official policy of the 87th IDLA that anyone wishing to reprint material protected by our copyrights for any purpose that results in the dissemination of the history of the 87th Infantry Division or any component thereof shall be granted the permission requested provided:
    • Any such copyrighted material to be utilized must be quoted verbatim from its source.
    • Any such quoted material must be properly attributed to its source.
    • The author agrees to provide the 87th IDLA with an electronic copy of the completed work (in a PDF file or such file type and may become the new standard in the future) with permission to make the work available to our members within the “Member’s Only” area of our web site for a period of one year after publication and thereafter, to anyone accessing our website.
    • The author is encouraged, but not required, to prepare a short summary of the publication including the expected publication date, for possible inclusion in the “Golden Acorn News Legacy Edition” as an announcement.
  4. Permission to make use of our copyrighted material may be granted by any currently serving executive committee member and may be transmitted via email, a copy of which should be forwarded to the Secretary for recordation. If there is any concern regarding the appropriateness of the intended use of our copyrighted material, the executive committee member fielding the request should informally poll the entire executive committee via email and then decide the matter after receiving a sufficient number of responses.

We trust you will appreciate the stories and photos of the 87th Infantry Division.