Commanding Generals

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George S. Patton, Jr.

General, U.S.A.
Commanding General
Third Army

Troy H. Middleton

Lieutenant General, U.S.A.
Commanding General
VIII Corps

Frank L. Culin, Jr.

Major General, U.S.A.
Commanding General
87th Infantry Division

John L. McKee

Brigadier General, U.S.A.
Assistant Division Commander

William W. Ford

Brigadier General, U.S.A.
Commanding General of Division Artillery

General Staff

Grant Layng

Colonel, G.S.C.
Chief of Staff

Edwin O'Connor

Lieutenant Colonel, G.S.C.

John F. T. Murray

Lieutenant Colonel, G.S.C.
AC of S, G-2

Arthur L. Gayle

Lieutenant Colonel, G.S.C.
AC of S, G-3

John J. Brown

Lieutenant Colonel, G.S.C.
AC of S, G-4

Command Chronology

Commanding General22 October 1944Brig. Gen. Frank L. Culin, Jr.
19 December 1944Brig. Gen. John M. Lentz
15 January 1945Brig. Gen. Frank L. Culin, Jr.
15 April 1945Maj. Gen. Frank L. Culin, Jr.
Assistant Division Commander22 October 1944Brig. Gen. John L. McKee
Artillery Commander22 October 1944Brig. Gen. William W. Ford
Chief of Staff22 October 1944Col. Walker R. Goodrich
17 January 1945Col. Grant Layng
Assistant Chief of Staff G-122 October 1944Maj. James B. Scott
20 November 1945Maj. Howard K. Wallace
25 January 1945Lt. Col. Edwin O'Connor, Jr.
Assistant Chief of Staff G-222 October 1944Lt. Col. John F. T. Murray
Assistant Chief of Staff G-322 October 1944Lt. Col. Perry E. Conant
4 January 1945Maj. Arthur L. Gayle, Jr.
1 May 1945Lt. Col. Arthur L. Gayle, Jr.
Assistant Chief of Staff G-422 October 1944Lt. Col. John J. Brown
Assistant Chief of Staff G-511 December 1944Maj. Eugene M. Lee
Adjutant General22 October 1944Lt. Col. Mark Amen