Frank Capra's Why We Fight

This series of seven films was produced for the War Department by Academy Award winning director Frank Capra. They were used to educate U.S. soldiers about the conflict in which they now found themselves.

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Stars and Strips DVD Archive

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This interactive disc takes the viewer on a virtual tour of the events that took place from Allied invasion until the victory in Europe (June ’44-May ’45). With each event, the corresponding pages from the newspaper archive are displayed for further exploration, along with a synopsis. Each item is illustrated with pictures, maps, film materials and sound clips.

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Other Online Videos

Oflag 64, A POW Odyssey

American officers find themselves prisoners of Adolph Hitler, including General George S.Patton’s son-in-law. Escape attempts, tunnel digging, and a heroic rescue attempt ordered by Patton that would haunt the general until his death.

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