Statistics – 345th Infantry Regiment

Ammunition Expended

TypeRounds ExpendedTotal Weight in TonsCost
57mm Gun5225.25$9,396.00
105mm Howitzer M 38,233247131,728.00
60mm Mortar11,41428.5334,242.00
81mm Mortar light13,46084.1267,300.00
81mm Mortar heavy2,21022.117,680.00
81mm Mortar WP1,23512.3212,350.00
Mines, AT1,0457.844,180.00
Grenade, Hd Frag9,7759.776,260.00
Grenade, AT Rifle3,0204.535,285.00
Flares, Trip1790.51268
Rockets, 2.36"4,34113.028,982.00
Cartridge Ball Cal 30784,34628.7637,748.00
Cartridge AP235,0688.6313,865.00
Cartridge Tracer21,5210.791,075.00
Cal. 30 M6724,00025.3433,304.00
Cal. 50 M640,81074.46,478.00
Cal. 45 Ball115,2002.723,105.00



Estimated truck miles for transportation of ammuniation from A.S.P.'s to troops
16,844 miles
Estimated gasoline required2,406 gallons
Estimated man hours required in transportation of ammunition2,625 hours