WWII Memoirs: Part 2 – The Bulge

The 87th Division was pulled out of the Saar Basin on December 23. It was a cold, barren place with copses of woods concealing enemy machine gun emplacements and tanks, deadly for foot soldiers. We were positioned on the right flank of the Third Army. We were glad to go. It was rumored the Germans had broken through the American lines somewhere to the north.

Speech at the Rochefort Reception

The following speech was made at the Rochefort, Belgium Town Hall on the occasion of John being made a honorary citizen of that town on June 19, 2010. Mr. Gilbert Stevenot, who was an interpreter in General Bradley’s Headquarters during WWII was responsible for the...
2nd Lt. Stanford Lee Arnold, E-345 Killed in Action on 8 Feb 1945

2nd Lt. Stanford Lee Arnold, E-345 Killed in Action on 8 Feb 1945

Lt Arnold set up a telephone in a building near Olzheim, Germany, and realizing the immediate necessity of filling the position when the artillery observer was delayed, took over and telephoned vital information to friendly artillery. Enemy tanks moved up and fired at point blank range at the building and enemy artillery was directed against it. With great courage and devotion ….

The Ardennes Foot Soldier (Winter of 1944-’45)

The noise of battle summons all Who hear the blare of trumpets call. The soldier stands in ready ranks In rows beside the mighty tanks. The battleground in Ardennes green, Now lain in winter’s snow-white sheen. The stark bare foxhole is my bed, With splintered...

The Ardennes Battle (Winter of 1944-’45)

The Western front was quiet and soldiers were at rest They took time out from battle having done their very best. The tired and the wounded, now at recreation time As replacements troops arrived, to fill the battered line. The skies lit up one early morn, from the...