WWII Memoirs: Part 6 – Going Home

After V-E Day, we settled into barracks life, except we were in pup tents. Close order drill, parades, physical training, inspections and softball took up our time. Living in the field, the only latrines available were slit trenches, dug by assigned details or work parties.

WWII Memoirs: Part 5 – Crossing the Rhine

After several days of what passed for R&R (Rest & Recreation) in Koblenz, we loaded up and climbed on trucks in the late afternoon of March 24 and moved upstream on the west side of the Rhine to the small town of Boppard. We began to cautiously filter down through the moonlit streets toward the shingled beach.

Celebrating VE-Day with the Russians

Celebrating VE-Day with the Russians

Just as the war was ending – I believe we had just taken Falkenstein, Germany – I was told (but did not personally witness) that an American-made Piper Cub with Russian markings had flown over the front and landed. A Russian Major got out – spoke...