WWII Memoirs: Part 2 – The Bulge

The 87th Division was pulled out of the Saar Basin on December 23. It was a cold, barren place with copses of woods concealing enemy machine gun emplacements and tanks, deadly for foot soldiers. We were positioned on the right flank of the Third Army. We were glad to go. It was rumored the Germans had broken through the American lines somewhere to the north.

WWII Memoirs: Part 1 – The First Day of Combat

With full pack and rifle, we carefully went over the side of our cross-channel ship and worked our way down the cargo net to a landing craft (LCI) heaving alongside the hull in the long harbor swells of Le Havre. We were instructed to leap in the boat as it fell in the trough. With rifle and full pack added to our body weight, if we landed in the boat as it rose in the swell, you could break a leg.

Northern France

December 10, 1944 We were taken by truck from Metz to within 10 or 12 miles of the front. One truck stalled in front of us just as General Patton pulled up behind us in a jeep. I was about 10 feet from the General and got a good look at him sitting there with his...

He Was Only 18

This event occurred about a week before we were sent to intercede in the “Battle of the Bulge” but I would like to relate it in support of the brave men who died there where by fate it could have been me. At the time of this event I was a member of the...