The Fallen – Personal Profiles

2nd Lt. Stanford Lee Arnold, E-345 Killed in Action on 8 Feb 1945

Lt Arnold set up a telephone in a building near Olzheim, Germany, and realizing the immediate necessity of filling the position when the artillery observer was delayed, took over and telephoned vital information to friendly artillery. Enemy tanks moved up and fired at point blank range at the building and enemy artillery was directed against it. With great courage and devotion ….

Dedicated to the Memory of Sgt. Jay Morgan

As I watched, Morgan tracked the machine gun to fire. We had a quick whispered discussion and decided not to fire until the squad was at the center of the field, between each hedgerow. When the squad reached center field, Morgan open fired.

All Combat Deaths are Tragic. The Deaths of Twins, Woeful.

On December 24, 1944, the 87th was pulled out of action in the Saar and moved some 300 miles to the north to enter into battle 12 miles west of Bastogne. The men of the 87th had deep snow, zero temperatures and open fields to cross south of the Ourthe River. Forget...