Conversation of Norman Rosenblatt and Robert Schoen, both from G Co, 345th Inf Regt.

Bob: …we were down in the Saar and that was the very beginning. That was when we first got knocked to pieces.
Norm: Yeah. That was Bloody Sunday…it was a week before Christmas.
Bob: We got those nice ponchos. And then at 10 a.m. we started and 2 hours later, everybody was throwing them away because we were just glad to get the hell out of those woods. That was horrible.
Norm: That was unbelievable. What they did was the Germans retreated, and they knew exactly where to zero their 88s.
Bob: That was a trick we didn’t know. Our idea was that you would take a mountain and stay on top and watch so nobody comes up. Take the mountain. They were behind the mountain top in tanks, and as we stuck our noses over there a little bit, they opened up with everything they had. And they advanced against us. Now we wanted to stop their offensive, the counteroffensive, and we started to throw our own artillery on top of us. We got it from the German artillery, the American artillery, and the damned tanks. I can still see those tanks.
Norm: By the time G Company went forward, we went through what appeared to be a least 2 other companies that were wiped out. {This was E and F Companies}
Bob: Yeah. It was a horrible mess.
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