James R McGhee was a junior 2nd Lieutenant when he joined the 334th FA at Camp McCain, Mississippi, not long out of OCS. He served in various capacities in Service and C Batteries before winding up with A Battery at Fort Jackson, SC. He joined them as a Forward Observer and continued so until 1 April 45 when he became Btry Exec.

After the war he stayed in the Reserve, then returned to active duty when the Korean War began as a Gunnery Instructor at the Field Artillery School at Fort Sill, OK.

Later, back in the Reserves, he was Asst S-3 of the 102d Division Arty at St. Louis. From there, he was with the XIV Corps Arty at Chicago where he became the Executive Officer and promoted to Colonel. His last assignment before retirement was as Commanding Officer of the 434th Field Artillery Group.

U.S. Army Star
A Company, 334th Field Artillery Battalion

James served as a forward observer in I Company, 345th Regiment.

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