It was a ‘Time For Trumpets’
And as they heeded the Bugle’s call,
The boys of the Eighty-Seventh
Stood ‘Stalwart and Strong’ and tall.

87th Div.

They were the GOLDEN ACORN men
Now dressed in battle array,
Pressed into the snowy ARDENNES
To engage in the bloody fray.

345th Inf.

Their colors led them forward
In the battle at MOIRCY,
‘INVICTUS’ was their byword
As the foe was soon to see.

346th Inf.

As they fought in the woods of TILLETT,
Always men so valiant
As they stormed the German Billett.

347th Inf.

They heard the call to ‘DARE YOUR BEST’
And fought the fight at Bonnerue,
Now and again they stood the test
And proved that they were brave and true.

312th Med BN

They stood beside the fighting boys
To ‘GIVE AID AND COMFORT’ under fire,
They brave the shot and shell and noise
In deep cold snow and muddy mire.

They were the boys of the GOLDEN ACORN
Men of Patton without fear,
And they closed the BULGE and the broke the horn

Their battle cry to ‘DARE YOUR BEST’
Was a challenge not forsaken,
They proved that they withstood the test
The prize was ‘OUR OBJECTIVE TAKEN.’


87th Division Crest

87th Division Crest

M Company, 347th Infantry Regiment

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